Traveling with friends

10 things I learnt while traveling with friends

While I like to keep my travels and vacations totally separate sometimes the lines get blurred. In August 2019, my best friend planned her bachelorette party in Croatia. Now can there be anything more exciting than being with your besties in whole new country? We had a lovely time together and the decision to travel together was a good one for us.

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Traveling alone in India

Travelling alone in our culture doesn’t have a very positive connotation because travelling in India widely means “vacationing” and traditionally vacations happen with families. Travelling alone is often perceived as something that needs fixing. Of course with the current trend of leaving corporate jobs to travel the world has infected many wanderers even in India.

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Die gefährlichste Weltanschauung

Selten kam ich so spät nach Hause. Die Sonne schien nur noch mir zuliebe . Als meine Augen die Müdigkeit bekämpften, verlangte mein Körper einen starken Kafee und mein Geist ein wenig Ruhe. Als ich einsam die bellenden Hunde im Hintergrund hörte, hob ich meinen Blick und schaute aus dem Fenster auf die leicht belebte Straβe

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Hi I 'm Aabha

I live with my amazing family in Pune and alternate between teaching German and taking photographs for a living. If you can’t find me anywhere, I could be snuggling with our dog, Bruno, making coffee in our kitchen or in a remote place in some corner of the world with no network. 

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